Investment Products

Business Investment Platforms

Energy – Oil and Gas (Traditional)

In the traditional energy investment platform, the opportunity exists to collaborate and co-invest across the oil and gas supply chain. Global Acquity will leverage its local and global expertise to mould and shape business platforms from its present traditional format, into a competitively scaled investment opportunity across the oil and gas value chain.

  • We provide expert and professional support in a transforming South African industry (as part of our specialised service offering in this sector)

Green Energy (Non-Traditional)

  • With an increased focus on incorporating Green Energy Solutions, Global Acquity is working actively with global alliances and partners to promoting Green Energy investment opportunities to its investor base. This is an exciting new investment offering with future long term value potential.
  • There are numerous reasons to collaborate and invest in green energy solutions and all its associated sectors and companies. Clean Energy Solutions are in demand; its use is projected to grow, and collaboration and investing in Green Energy Solutions is a game-changer for early investors for the future.
  • Furthermore, investing in green energy projects provides opportunities to diversify its current investment approach.

Power – Renewable Energy

  • Renewable resources are setting the stage for a cleaner, more resourceful society. Be it in the form of solar, wind, geothermal or hydro, among others, there’s a perpetual supply of these alternative energy sources, all of which have positive socio-economic impacts. Co-investing in Wind and/or PV Solar Farm projects, Co-generation opportunities and Commercial Roof Top Solar PV Projects remain the targeted focus areas for Global Acquity.

Property and Related Assets

  • The benefits of investing in a blue chip property portfolio are numerous. Global Acquity targets investment in blue chip property and related assets that enjoy long term capital growth and appropriate investment returns.